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Return - was created to facilitate the simple exchange of information between motorists.


The goal of is to increase road safety by...


1)  Promoting the proper and courteous use of our roads

2)  Bringing unsafe habits to a driver’s attention

3)  Allowing motorists to communicate in a positive, safe environment

4)  Making motorists less anonymous and more responsible


We believe that one of the keys to getting there in one piece is simple courtesy.


Use to monitor your habits (or your children’s, co-worker’s, friend’s etc.*) and leave positive comments for others.


Please do not use to leave threats or vulgar remarks.  These will be deleted and may be reported to authorities.


Please do use to leave any other type of complimentary or instructive comment.  If you see messages for your plate feel free to respond by using your plate as a forum. is YOUR FREE FORUM to make the streets a safer and friendlier place for all of us.  The purpose is simple - to make driving safer and save lives.    


* For $10 per year you may register your plate information and receive email alerts anytime a message is submitted for your plate.  Makes a great gift!  Simply send the administrator of this site your license plate and contact information.


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Thank you and drive right!


This site is dedicated to the thousands of drivers who have been injured or worse on roads all over the world.

Mention this site to a friend and help make a difference.


We are currently seeking sponsors to help increase awareness of this site. This is an excellent partnership opportunity. Help stop Road Rage and promote safe driving habits.  Choose this site for your business to make a difference in the community.


The picture was taken in Via Pisani, a large road which leads to Milan's Central Station.
It was the late afternoon and a rainy day, which created reflections on the road and walkways.